Friday, June 3

New Identity

It's true, I have a new I.D. :) I got my first official document with my NEW name on it! I always hate my driver's license picture so this is a rare occasion I'm posting it for all to see - I just want to show the new name!

Private info has been removed :)
BTW! If you EVER have to go to the DMV, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE! Not exaggerating, I was in and out in 10 minutes flat! There was a huge line to the door, but you get to just walk right to the front, say "I have an appointment" and you are next. Even when they give you a number to sit and wait for an open window, your number is called first! AWESOME! Gotta love the internet :)

I am so happy to be a part of the Buck family. Seriously. I couldn't have asked for better in-laws. They have been extremely welcoming since the first time I hung out with his whole family July 4th a couple years ago. Even his extended family is so sweet! I knew when I went to the Orr family reunion last summer that it was a make it or break it situation (I come from a family of about 6 cousins; Tyson had about 30 under one roof!) But it was so much fun and I LOVE all of them!

How many people get to say they love ALL of their in-laws?

I think Tyson scored pretty well too :)

Nothing like bringing together two football families filled with non-stop energy!


  1. Cute Picture.....I rarely see one of these that's as good as yours!! Love your blog :)

  2. We all love you too!! We are SO glad you are a part of the Buck family now!