Wednesday, June 1


Guess I'm not alone if this logo was created for google lol

Seriously! Save us from Comcast!
I had Comcast a little over a year ago and my bill got higher and higher each month. The last one came in at $130 and I canceled that day.

So I got Direct TV and fell in LOVE! Our installer was extremely nice and stayed 4 hours late just to be sure everything was perfect since we had a few issues. Not to mention, we got the same bill every month! I was in heaven! (Minus the giant dish on our deck). 

The day came where Tyson and I were looking for a new apartment; we found the one we loved and requested anything but north facing as we had a dish that needed signal. Where did our landlord put us? NORTH FACING!! So we were desperate and basically forced to use Comcast through our "community rep." I've come to the conclusion that he doesn't infact work at Comcast because every "deal" he has told us about, NO ONE at Comcast knows anything about! 
Well, poor Mr. Andrew from Comcast got the wrath of Sarah today. The conversation started out well, we were getting where we needed to, until I mentioned my online bill of $165.88 (this is after I paid $105 4 days ago). He started feeding me excuses and lies about where the money came from and what dates they covered. I let him have it! How DARE Comcast charge me almost $170 for TV and Internet ONLY! I told him no one in that company should be working there because none of them really know what they're talking about, no one can answer my questions, and they all have a different story. 

So PLEASE!!! Someone help us find a service for internet and TV - we only need it for probably 4 months. 

(If Tyson didn't need his Sports Center/ESPN, I would be fine with no TV) But the search continues and we need your help! 


  1. We have AT&T U-Verse for both TV and Internet. We haven't had any problems with them. Check it out.

  2. My husband sells dish and direct he can help you. Because you are paying way too much!