Tuesday, May 31

Everyone's a Critic...

... about movies! ha sorry, had to be corny. But Tys & I recently saw Hangover 2 (twice) and Fast Five so we thought we'd give our 2 cents (2 bucks maybe?) lol okay I'm done for now.

Everytime I think of "movie critics" it reminds me of Dane Cook's skit on "Date to the movies"
(only applicable to this post from 00:00-2:30)

So of course for Hangover 2, Tys & I got tickets for the midnight showing May 25th. 
It's kind of turned into a tradition for us to attend midnight showings with Ry & Mad and their friends. It started back with the Twilight Eclipse midnight showing last June and it's evolved into some good times!
June 30, 2010 Twilight: Eclipse
For the Hangover 2 midnight showing, I bought tickets for 7 of us and we joined up at Cafe Rio for a late late dinner. It was so much fun! We basically sat around laughing hysterically about the "good ol times" until about 10:30 when we felt bad for the staff and finally let them close up.
Did I mention we saw Bentley from The Bachelorette at Cafe Rio with his little daughter Cozy?! Tys & I are 99% sure it was him, he was just a lot smaller looking in person I thought - but so is everyone on TV - seriously! I was in petite-ville at the Emmy's a few years ago!

So we headed on over to Jordan Commons to walk around before the movie. I started swiping my card to pick-up the tickets and the machine was telling me there weren't any to pick-up under my card! "ABSURD!" I always use the same card for online purchases! It wasn't until the "nice" woman behind the counter informed me that I had actually bought tickets for the District theatre instead. haha MA BAD! Thankfully we had plenty of time to head on over to South Jordan.
Love Mad & Andy's shirts! 
Pros: Original hysterical cast, great liners, good music, the works from the first
Cons: It was the EXACT SAME story, too much of Alan (his quick, short lines were what made him so great the first time), and... ummm... too much...uhhh...male genitalia.

Tyson liked it way more than I did the first time, "Very funny! But too predictable." I completely agreed but needed to see it twice (maybe not at midnight with work the next morning) to fully enjoy the details about the movie. Just like Napolean Dynamite... needed to see it again to really understand the humor.

So over all, a good movie, definitely not for the easily offended, as there are MANY jaw-dropping moments!

"Probably one of the, if not THE best movie I've ever seen!" And I would have to agree with Tys! I seriously was engaged with this movie the entire time! I LOVED it!! Definitely one of those movies that I would see over and over! Not to mention, I hope you stayed after the credits were over... UHHH can you say amazing lead into another sequel and an INTENSE twist already!

Tyson's parents were sweet enough to take the family out for a movie and dinner on Memorial Day. Nothing like a great action flick and some spicy Chinese food from David's Kitchen to really bond with the in-laws!

Any thoughts or critiques on the latest movie(s) you've seen? 


  1. OMG jealous you saw Bentely! I hate him! haha You should have snapped a pic with your phone! haha jk thats creepy...but I might have had to...

    Good to know about Hangover 2...I am sure Danny will want to see it! I def like the first one more each time I see it!

  2. I want to see both of those SO bad!!! Oh well, I guess I'll see them when they come to redbox :(