Sunday, May 29

Hubby & Wifey

Hello blogging world! 

Tyson and I were married May 14th and about  2 weeks later, we figure it's time for a blog; okay, I think it's time for one but Tyson could probably care less lol. I just figured this was the best way for our family and friends to see what we're up to and keep in touch without having to maneuver around Facebook. 

**I blogged one time in my sorority a year ago so I need to learn the ropes. Any tips, send 'em my way!**

More blogs to come and I plan on keeping this updated as often as possible :) 
Walking out of the SLC Temple 
May 14, 2011
My sister-in-law Madison and her best friend Andy. I love them to pieces :)

My Alpha Chi Omega sisters. So happy they came!
After a rainy photo session, the reception at Le Jardin couldn't have been more perfect!

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