Sunday, May 29

Slideshow Updates!

Believe it or not, but the following slideshows are from what has been going on this year.. and it's only MAY! It has been so crazy around here but so much fun. I decided to make slideshows so that the pictures wouldn't take up the whole space of the world wide web ;)

* Slideshow #1 is from mine and Tyson's birthdays. Mine is April 4th and his is April 6th! So it will be really easy and fun to celebrate birthdays around here!

* Slideshow #2 is from my brother's wedding. Ryan & Madison were married in the SLC Temple April 16, 2011. (Just a side note: they can forever thank me for being the matchmaker - Mad and I had a few classes together last year and I suggested she Facebook Ryan and start talkin'! And whaddaya know, they're married now!)

* Slideshow #3 is GRADUATION! 3 years later and I finally graduated. College was so amazing! Dorms, roommates, sorority, and of course, Football games! Ryan graduated the same time but didn't want to walk; don't worry, I shared my cap and diploma.

* Slideshow #4 is all of my bridal showers. I was so fortunate to have one thrown by my best friends, co-workers, and family and friends from my old ward in Orem.

* Slideshow #5 is all about the wedding! Unfortunately I don't have the professional pictures yet, so I'd like to thank my friends and family for the pictures that are available

* Slideshow #6 is our honeymoon: a cruise out of Florida to Key West and Cozumel. And it's true, I'd never had Key Lime Pie until I went to Key West - I spoiled myself, it was amazing!

* Slideshow #7 is from this Memorial weekend. A fun day at Lagoon and some fun family time!

PHEW!! Now you are all caught up on the past 5 months! Promise I'm done with slideshows..... for now :)

*The Bucks*

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