Tuesday, June 28

Not So Hidden Talents

Well this weekend sure was exhausting - for me at least.

Friday, Tys & I hit up one of the last Blaze games of the season; I think there is still one more home game next month. It was a really fun game though! They won 61-60! So much fun! One of the players proposed to his girlfriend of TWO weeks before the game haha oh boy are they in for a learning experience.

Saturday, I had a dentist appointment early that morning while Tyson went to his usual workout in Orem; the dentist wanted to replace an old silver filling for a white one haha ugh really? But it went just fine and afterwards I went up (south from where we live but up the mountain lol) to my mom's for the day. I HAD to finish up my dad's Birthday present (as it's on July 1st) and also had to finish working on Ryan & Madison's wedding DVD.

Ry & Mad were nice enough to hire me to do their wedding DVD! I gathered all of the baby, dating, engagement, bridal, and wedding pictures, along with all of the video I took at Ryan & Madison's wedding, threw it all together to their favorite songs and VOILA! A gorgeous wedding DVD that I'm very proud of and hope that they love. I'm going to attempt to put some of their DVD on my blog to share (if they'll allow it). I'll figure out how to do that one of these days lol.
I have been making DVDs for about 7 years now. I think it all started with making compiled cheer videos my sophomore year so I would have something to watch and learn from.
Sr. year cheer camp at the UofU

It quickly evolved into the annual family video. I compile all of the video and pictures from the whole year, add music, a fancy label cover, and every Christmas the family watches it. It has become such a fun tradition and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE making them! 
Family picture 2009
After my aunt had seen one of the family videos, she suggested to my mom that I create my grandparent's 50th Anniversary DVD! I was so excited to take on a new project! It turned out so fabulous and my grandparents tell me they watch it almost everyday. (maybe they really don't but it's nice to believe they do lol) 
My grandpa & grandma with my aunt Linda
I also ended up creating a DVD for my mom's 50th Birthday last year - man was that a challenge; doing her video and the annual Christmas one all in a couple weeks span! But I did it and both turned out great!  I honestly haven't finished a DVD that I didn't think was perfect. I'm a perfectionist and won't let anyone see it until I know it's fully complete.
Decorations from my mom's 50th
I take a lot of pride in these DVDs and I love making them! Steve wants me to teach him how to create them since he thinks I'd stop making them once I was married lol. I told him I never want to stop making them, all I need is a quality computer so I don't have to head to my mom's house every time - Christmas list to Santa already started maybe? :)

So between finishing my dad's birthday present and finishing Ry's DVD, I spent about 10 hrs in front of the computer Saturday lol. My family was nice enough to pull me away for some Wiffle-Ball for an hour break.
(our neighbors house in the back) Cul de sac wiffle ball! 

Sunday, my cousins from Minnesota flew out to head to EFY at the U of U (smart location) :). I love these two - we even introduced them to the family Wiffle-Ball game after a nice BBQ; not so sure they ever want to play again lol.

PHEW long update... but thought I would share about one of my favorite not-so hidden talents :) 


  1. Girl! If you like making them I would LOVE for you to make one for me! Do you ever do them for other people or just family? Let me know! :)

  2. PS. I would totally pay you.

  3. Katie my love!

    I really need to invest (or get an early christmas gift) in a computer. I have my laptop but its not DVD compatible, so i've had to work at my moms house and thats tough to schedule around lol.

    its something i would completely consider doing for other people. I just need to find some time and get my own system set up :)

  4. Ah I see, well I probably won't get around to it anytime soon so let me know if you ever decide to start doing it! P.S I love your blog, you guys seem so happy! :)