Friday, July 1

"Holiest of all Days"


Today is my dad's big 50th birthday! Every year he always says that our birthdays are considered "The Holy Day" (Ry begs to differ when mine comes around lol). But for my dad's birthday this year, he made sure to call it "The Holiest of all Days." haha just a little joke we have since we were kind of his heathen children at times lol. Not to mention, my dad always said, "I can't wait for tomorrow." "Why Dad?" "Because I get better looking every day." haha very true, my dad has always been so handsome and gets better with age. :) 
My dad received his gift yesterday that I had been working on for a few weeks! If you couldn't tell by my previous post what his gift might just be, then read it again lol. I made him a DVD!

I had A LOT of help from my grandparents when it came to gathering old photos; but man was it worth it! He was such a cute baby and looked JUST like Ryan! I was able to make a copy and send it to my grandparents too. They received it a lot sooner than my dad but they were nice enough to keep it a secret; they have never seen one of my videos so the feedback was much appreciated :). So, THANK YOU Grandma & Grandpa for helping me gather pictures!

My dad is huge on Rock & Roll; that's probably where I get my love for bands like Van Halen and Aerosmith. Mixing all of his favorite songs was a lot of fun and gave his DVD the touch it needed to be perfect just for him. He said he loved it and it was the BEST birthday gift he has ever received - sorry Ry, not sure you can one-up me this time! ;)

My dad has always been my big teddy bear. No matter the 6'4" stature and large build, he has always been the sweetest most caring man I know. He has been through so many ups and downs and accomplished so much in his life. He really knows how to stay positive and carry on with a better out-look on things. I really admire him for how positive, humble, gentle, calm, low-key, and strong he always is; I definitely didn't inherit all of those traits but I know Ryan did :).

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday dad and hope you know just how much i truly do love you and cherish every minute we have together since they can be pretty far and few between.

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