Sunday, July 17

It All Ends

Weekend update! :)

Friday, Tyson and I decided to just head to Bed Bath & Beyond to use our last gift certificate and stay in and watch a movie. Anytime I think of Bed Bath & Beyond, it reminds me of this clip from Old School haha my step-dad and I love this movie! "Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond I dunno. I dunno if we'll have time!" Thats when you know you're married when BB&B becomes a big part of your day plans lol.

We finally used these cute popcorn cups I got from a bridal shower. It also came with a larger bucket but we didn't need that much :)
Our movie night consisted of some good ol' John Q. Such a good movie! Denzel always does good movies though so we knew it wouldn't be a bust movie night. 

Saturday, after Tyson got home from his workout and after I stuffed him full of chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and egg filled toast, we headed off to meet up with Ryan & Mad for a movie date.
Harry Potter is always a really good movie. You just can't go wrong. I only read the first three books because they started getting too long lol, but the movies really are so great and it is so sad they are all over! I remember doing my 5th grade book report on the first book and now, 11 years later, it's over :(.
We really did like the movie. The only 2 problems we had with it were #1: the way Voldemort dies is really anti-climatic. He basically turns into pieces of ashy paper and blows away in the wind. Really? After 8 movies they couldn't at least have him explode from Harry's wand or anything? #2: After Harry finally kills Voldemort after how many years, NO ONE at Hogwarts or in the wizarding-world is cheering or clapping. Nothing! It was weird! I thought I blacked out and missed a congratulatory scene where everyone is thanking him for risking his life for how many years, dying, coming back to life, and finally killing the guy! But no. Nothing. 

So besides the anti-climatic ending to the whole point of the Harry Potter series, it was really good :).

After the movie, we met up with my mom and went to the last Blaze home game of the season.
Always a good game with the Blaze but this one was intense! It literally came down to a few points in the last seconds of the game; we scored a touchdown to pull ahead and take the W! So much fun! *My mom thinks I should tryout for the dancers. They seem to have a bit more talent than the hometown NBA team I auditioned for before. But that means getting back in shape... hmmm ;)* 

Today after church, Tys & I decided to hit up the Hogle Zoo since we didn't think it would be that crowded. Boy were we wrong! I forgot the zoo is in Salt Lake County, not Utah County lol; so lots of people were out today.
Tyson is hatching :) 
Getting my Swamp People on
*FYI, if you have never watched Swamp People, YOU NEED TO!

We decided to catch one of the shows they put on at Discovery Theatre; yeah, definitely and 100% geared towards those 5 and under lol.

This owl was hysterical. I had no idea how it was perched on the branch and it was just staring into the light the entire time (probably wishing it would die since it was so dang hot today!) 

This little monkey was posing every time it moved ha so cute!

And of course, the elephants. We love Baby Zuri! (although, she was "baby Zuri" 3 or 4 years ago, so she's more like a teen I suppose.

The "Zoorassic Park" was in town as well. Not sure what I was honestly expecting, but the (slightly) moving machines were pretty cool I guess.

I love dinosaurs, but I would die if these things were still roaming around my backyard today!

All-in-all, another fun weekend in the Buck home. 

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