Sunday, July 3

Saturday Entertainment

I figured I would do a Saturday post since the 4th of July weekend will be pretty busy and loaded with activities :).

As I mentioned a few posts back, my 2 cousins were in town from Minnesota for EFY. They got back earlier this morning and their flight doesn't leave until tomorrow morning; so my mom had me, Tyson, Ryan, & Madison entertain them (and Alex) for the day so they wouldn't be bored.

We started off at one of our favorite places... Boondocks! I'm pretty sure this is the third post that mentions a trip to that place haha - don't judge! :)

We hit up the batting cages first. Madison and I use batting cage time for some practice for family wiffle-ball. It just kills my hands but we didn't do too bad; did I mention we do slow softball pitch? lol. Ryan & Tyson always kill it on fast pitch though, and I think Charlie, George, & Alex just enjoyed messing around lol.

Then we went mini-golfing, spent some of our tokens on fun games, and ended at the go-kart track. We made sure to end with this one since the younger boys had the intentions of messing around and possibly getting kicked out! Ha really guys? But thankfully, they didn't and we're still allowed to come back :).

We definitely needed some grub and split of for either Rumbi Grill or Cafe Rio. Both SO yummy!

Our night wasn't over! We went to Hollywood Connection for a change since I have never been there and some of the others haven't been since high school. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE! Seriously! We apparently paid for some "Unlimited All Day Pass" that we got "hooked up" with. Yeah, not so much. We ended up having to pay for roller blades to skate, a locker at the rink (paid twice since I had to get back in my locker and couldn't lock it again), and had to pay for laser tag. So, we aren't really sure what our unlimited pass covered lol. Not to mention, there was absolutely NO air conditioning! So, everyone was extremely hot and sweaty! Take home message: Don't waste your money at Hollywood Connection; stick to some place like Boondocks.

But it wasn't a completely negative experience; we had a lot of fun roller blading! I can't honestly remember the last time I went roller blading; probably at Classic Skating in the 6th grade lol. So much fun!

Ryan was definitely trying to bring back some old moves. 
Tyson and I have finally been able to relax and chill for the night. I was craving watermelon (my new obsession), so we drove to Win Co and bought some. To our awesome surprise, they also had a ton of fireworks that were SO cheap! We have never shopped there and we love it! It's like a mix between Walmart and Costco; new grocery store for us for sure! So, I walked away happy with my watermelon for the night, and Tyson was able to load up on supplies for bombs and who knows what lol. Please pray that the boys don't set anything on fire this weekend!

Well, that's all for today! Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Be safe, don't light anything on fire, and have lots of fun with family and friends! And also, remember why we are really "getting a day-off from work Monday".

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