Sunday, July 24

Shop When You're Lonely

Now, I don't really condone just spending money because you have it (or don't) and you have nothing else to do, because quite frankly, I am a huge saver and don't like spending my well-earned money; but this weekend was different.

Tyson left Friday for Lake Powell with his family and won't be back until Thursday! Let's hope it rains and he can come home a little sooner :). 
Some of you may be wondering why in the world he would go without his wife or why I would even let him go without his wife either! Well, things are getting kind of crazy around here and with school starting and other possible adventures down the short path, Tyson really needed a vacation before it all starts up. I on the other hand, just don't have the capability of taking a week off from work. It would be impossible; plus, someone's gotta keep food on the table ;). Not to mention, lakes and water aren't really my thing, so I'm not missing out too bad.
That's exactly what I was going for ;)
So, while Tyson is out on the lake for a week, I've been staying with my parents. I haven't lived at home since i was in high school so it's kind of strange lol. But I miss seeing my family everyday so it's kind of like my little vacation as well.

Saturday I went and bought myself a Brand New 2011 XTerra! I absolutely loved my first one and just had to have another one. I figured it was time to upgrade since my miles were just about to hit 100,000 and my car would become almost worthless at that point. But, the good thing with an XTerra trade-in, they don't lose value when you drive them off the lot like most cars. They actually retain value for quite some time and are extremely reliable.

I have had so many great times in my car with friends and family. So many fun road trips, fun weekends, dancing and singing with friends, and SO much more! It really was kind of sad for me to leave it behind as i drove away (I can get pretty attached to things lol). But at least i was driving away in its brand new version. It was an easy transition and it's so pretty!
Huggin my car goodbye :( 
I definitely couldn't have done the whole 2 and half hour trade-in on my own. My step-dad Steve was an amazing negotiator and I'm only paying $330 a month! It helped a lot that my car was not only in such great shape, but Nissan has a College Grad special going on that added $2,500 to my trade in value! All-in-all, i'm very happy with my new purchase.

I ended up being alone last night since my parents went to dinner and so did Ryan & Madison; so I drove my new ride to the mall and pampered myself with some new clothes :). I work hard for my money and it never hurts to spend a little bit once in a while.

That's it so far this weekend. Let's hope Tyson and his tan-self are coming home early this week so i'm not so lonely! We've never been apart this long and it just doesn't feel right.

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