Sunday, July 10

Quick Get-Away

Tys & I decided we had both deserved a quick little weekend get-away. St. George seems to always be a good place to hurry and get out of town without spending a lot of money, and you can be back to work by Monday.

We left after I got back from work Friday around 4 and made our six hour journey down south. I'd like to say it was the typical 3 1/2 hour drive but we had some car trouble.
The engine started making a strange sound, the RPMs were going way up, but our speed was dwindling fast! It's a 2009 Nissan Altima, so it's not an old car, and it was just serviced about 2 months ago. So we were lost as to what in the world was wrong.

Some nice travelers stopped by to help us out while we were stopped at the Chevron but they didn't know what was wrong either. I finally just went inside and asked the desk clerk if she knew anyone around Beaver that could help us. Thankfully she had the number of a man who owned a repair shop around the corner. He was at home but was nice enough to drive to the shop and help. But he seriously couldn't find anything wrong with the car either and said the rest of the drive was basically down hill so we would be okay to head to St. George and hit up the dealership the next day.

Well, what do you know, the car never gave us another problem the rest of the trip.... go figure lol.

It was so nice just getting to relax by the pool....
I have a suit on... promise! lol

and enjoy meals out and a movie night. We ate breakfast at the Bear Paw Coffee Company...
It is so yummy! If you've never eaten here you really should! It's just on 75 North Main Street in St. George. Yummy crepes, waffles, pancakes, and more!

We also went and saw Horrible Bosses that came out this weekend.

Such a GREAT movie!! Seriously! We loved this movie and so did our families that all text us to go see it after we got out of our movie lol. Perfect cast and great comedy. No nudity either! Just some crude language lol. But it was awesome!

We have seen some really good movies lately! We also Redboxed Battle: Los Angeles last week and LOVED it! It was intense from beginning to end. I liked that it gave an alien movie point-of-view from the Marine side of things instead of a citizen. It was kind of like a more action-filled Independence Day. Great movie-night flick!

Anywho, We are home safe now. No car trouble on the way home and we're just getting settled in for some T.V. and bedtime.

So happy we got some R&R this weekend; much needed, but would still like some more :).

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