Tuesday, July 5

Happy 235th Birthday!

The 4th of July is always a family favorite. Not only do we get to all hang out and get together for some good BBQ, but we get to blow things up while celebrating our Independence!

Ryan decided to start the day off right....
Ry's potato gun; they couldn't get enough
While Ryan and Steve were busy shooting targets off the mountain with their potato gun, the rest of us played Rack Your Balls... until it started raining.
Rack Your Balls; also called Blongo Ball online 
The rain really was pretty irritating. It was so off and on so we weren't really sure on what to plan on doing. Ryan, Madison, Tyson, & I decided to just deal with it and go 4Wheeling around the mountains for a bit while mom & Steve cooked dinner.

After a yummy BBQ dinner and some relaxing on the back balcony....

 Tyson and I headed down the hill to his parent's house for some fireworks; since they're completely banned from Suncrest.

Until it started raining.... AGAIN. Seriously the rain and wind were completely unnecessary for this kind of holiday! Let's hope that Pioneer Day on the 24th is not the same.

Dear America, 
          Sorry the past few years have not been going as planned, but a new election is around the corner and just know that I will cast my vote in order to hopefully put a man in charge that really does care about what you are meant to be. I'm so grateful to have been born into your beautiful land and to have been provided with such amazing opportunities. I'm also beyond grateful for those men and women fighting to protect you day in and day out. This is your special day for all to remember and think about what you really stand for. So enjoy it because it's all about you :).
**Happy 235th Birthday America!**

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