Wednesday, July 27

What About Bob?

Haha lately I have been feeling a little like Bob Wiley with his pet fish Gill . . .

Whenever I have to be away from the apartment for more than a day or two, I make sure and bring Kenny along with me! Yes, Kenny is my pet fish lol. I bought him in February and my whole family thought he would have died already. But nope! Still goin strong! 

Since I've been staying with my parents while Tyson has been out of town, I had to bring Kenny along with me. But today I'm back at the apartment; and I couldn't just leave him to bake in my car while I was at work! So he sat at my desk all day, ran errands after work, and is finally back in his tank at the apartment.

If I'm back at the apartment that means one thing...... TYSON IS COMING HOME!!! 
That's my excited face :) 
I'm so happy he decided to come home a day earlier than planned! I really was starting to go nuts without him! The next few days we spend together are going to mean a lot since he may be leaving me for a few months :(. If his plans follow through this weekend then I'll post about it by early next week. Until then, I'll just continue as if he isn't leaving me :/.

Sorry to end it on a Debbie Downer moment....


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