Monday, July 4


Like I mentioned, there would be too much going on this weekend to make it into just one post, so I'm separating them out again :).

Sunday was a day with the Buck fam. After church we headed to a nearby field by Lone Peak High and played some croquet. I love playin croquet with the Bucks, I always lose but it's always so fun.
Jason & I were too hot and tired to help set up; I think Roxi was too lol
I've already lost the game (thanks to Jason as always) & poor Roxi is always behind lol
After some croquet in the park, Tyson decided to try and "upgrade" his fireworks lol. I even joined the assembly line to move things along but we only got around to doing about 20 "upgrades". (don't wanna get in trouble for making illegals lol). 
If that's not a guilty face I don't know what is lol
The fun wasn't over yet! We decided to play Rack Your Balls since it was so nice out. You may have heard this game called something else, but around here, that's what we call it lol. It's a chill game but really fun. We've even introduced it to the Shillingford/Ehin family and they love it too!

Tys & I were undefeated last night :)
And then the Pre-4th of July events began. We got too excited and decided to light off some fireworks. Not sure what's really legal anymore so we just lit everything we had that we weren't saving for the big day. Thankfully no one was hurt and nothing was set on fire! Haylee and I even joined in by lighting some flowers; the boys kept telling us to wait until the fuse was almost gone before throwing it but I don't trust my slow reflexes to throw it before it goes off in my hand lol.

We were finally able to stay at the Buck's until about midnight! Usually we have to leave around 9 since I would have work the next morning. We'll have to see how long we stay out tonight since unfortunately, there's a regular work day tomorrow :(.

I miss being in high school with no worries and hardly any responsibility! I'm feeling a little burned out lately and I definitely need a long vacation. I went straight from high school to a spring, summer, fall schedule in college; finished in 3 years, worked during my last year of school, then started my full time job 2 days after my last day of school - yeah, needless to say I'm a little burned out.

Enough venting, hope everyone has/had a wonderful 4th of July!!!  

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