Saturday, April 6

Birthday Weekend

I love that mine and Tyson's birthdays are two days apart. It makes for easy planning. 

Makes it easy on the families to get two birthday's done at once too. 

My mom took all of the kids out to Texas Roadhouse on Wednesday. I'd never been there before so little did I know, when it's your birthday, they make you jump on the saddle. 

I was so embarrassed to say the least lol. Not sure how Tyson got by without hoppin on. 

Good food and so much fun with the fam.

Ryan is so photogenic ;)

Mama's cake for me (24) & Tys (25) 
I never mind going to work on my birthday. My team decorated my cubie, made a funny card, and brought a yummy cake. Not to mention, they stuck some of my things inside of balloons lol. 
Pretty funny. 

I absolutely LOVE that I work at the same company as my mom. Gives me the chance to see her almost every day. 

Thank you for the birthday lunch and beautiful flowers mama! 

Although Tyson and I share birthday plans, he is sweet enough to make the 4th all about me and I do the same to make the 6th special for him. April 5th, we always plan a nice night out. 

He made me a delicious dinner on the 4th and got me some thoughtful gifts. 
(Wish I would have taken some pics) 

Friday, after a half day at work, we checked in at the Hotel Monaco downtown. 

Then walked down the block to The Melting Pot for dinner. 
Love us some good fondue! 

Love my lemons!
We spent this afternoon in Park City and then made our way home so Tyson could make it to Priesthood. 

BTW.... I LOVE conference weekend and listening to talks!! Always amazing and I'm so thankful we have these leaders in our lives to give us the messages we need in this crazy world. 
*click on the I BELIEVE tab under my intro and get to know more about my amazing church :)

Anywho... Had a little surprise for Tyson for his birthday. 
25 things I love about him for his 25th birthday 

It was a bit tough but I convinced Zurchers to blow up 25 balloons for me. 
Thanks to the helium shortage you can only get 12 blown up at a time. 

Definitely worth asking though! Look at his excited face :) 

Off to meet up with Tyson and his family for another Blaze game! 
You should definitely meet me there at these home games :) 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and thank you to all of our friends and family for the birthday wishes this week! We're so lucky to have you!

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