Wednesday, July 10


Needless to say it's been about a month since I've blogged; but with good reason! 

You know how I wanted my dream town home in this last post
Well, 3 days later and it was mine :)

I called the owner every day since I had seen the listing and he finally got back to me. 
Little did I know he was out of town. 
I had a hunch that was the reason I hadn't heard but hey, 
"The squeaky wheel gets the oil" 
and this squeaky wheel got her home. 

When we met the owner to see the place, he was polite enough to say, 
"You're pretty persistent!" 
I know that's just a nice way of putting that I'm impatient and pushy lol. 
Oh well... It got me what I wanted. 
When I want something, I go for it... 
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

(Enough motivational quotes yet?) 

I seriously love it so much! 
We are SO close to everything we need and the area is beautiful. 

We've only met our next-door neighbors so far but they are so sweet and I can't wait to get to know them and the other neighbors more. 
Weird for me to say that! 
I'm usually content being in my home and not caring to get to know any neighbors; 
probably because our last ones were busy smoking pot and their kids 
were running around climbing on our cars and terrorizing the local pets. 

It's so quiet here and I almost feel like it's a little "Stepford" community lol. 
I see SO many Pinterest wreathes on doors - I sure hope there's a craft night I 
can join with the neighborhood ladies lol ;) 

Maybe one day I'll post more pics of our place, 
but only when we have everything in place and buy the last little knick-knacks we need. 
For now, here are a few quick pics.

Walking through the front, you can see the living room and stairs to the 3 bedrooms upstairs
{Living Room}
My mom has helped and done a beautiful job with the decorating. // I love my HUGE vaulted ceilings! 
Having our own two car garage is SO nice - we take the little things for granted lol 
{Yes, this is part of our bathroom}
This was yesterday's project so I'm feeling proud ;) 
{Craft Room}
The two mini pictures were painted by my mom for my first apartment and I love them!
I love that I have my own craft room to work with!
Definitely feelin a paint project in the near future. 
Poor Tyson has to deal with all of my things, but thankfully, it all has a place now :) 
And one day, he'll get his own man-cave. 

Well, now that we are finally settled in, 
the blogging world should become a familiar place again. 

Lots of Love,
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