Saturday, February 22

Paper Fortune Cookies

These were part of the "14 Days of Valentines" gifts that I gave to my husband. 
He loved them and they were actually so easy to make. 

I bought a little Chinese food to-go box to put the fortune cookies in 
and served it with a homemade Chinese dinner. 

Glue Dots (or hot glue gun)
Scissors (or circle die-cuts)
Paper fortunes

I made 7 Fortune Cookies since it was half of 14 for Valentines.
14 would have been too much work and taken the fun out of the delivery. 

/Step 1/ 
First I typed up and printed out my own fortunes and cut them into strips. 

/Step 2/
I used my Cricut machine to make the 4" circles. 

/Step 3/ 
Fold the circle in half and pinch only at the center. 

/Step 4/
Place a Glue Dot or a dab of hot glue just below the crease on one side. 
The glue dots work just fine, but I wanted to be sure these would hold permanently 
so I used a dab of hot glue. 

/Step 5/
Now open and fold the circle in half the opposite way of your first crease. 
You don't need to pinch it.
SIDENOTE: You can either place the fortune strip inside right now 
or thread it in at the end. 
I prefer to do it at the end.  

/Step 6/
While holding the circle like the picture above, 
use your other hand like so: 
thumb on bottom, middle finger on-top, pointer finger in the middle 
to push the center inward

/Step 7/ 
Now pinch your fingers together so the 
Glue Dot/hot glue start the adhesion. 

/Step 8/ 
If you haven't already placed your fortune strip inside, 
now is the time to either thread it in and out of the fortune,  
or fold it in half and place it inside. 

They're so cute and so easy! 

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