Sunday, August 4

Catching Up

We have been pretty busy with weekend getaways around here. 
Lots of family activities :)

We didn't do anything for July 4th since it was unfortunately a work night. 
I hate when holidays are during the week, then we aren't really able to do much. 

July 24th weekend, we went up to Idaho and stayed at his grandparent's house. 
His whole family gets together every July 24th but we haven't been able to go since 2010. 

We had a lot of fun though. 

We road ATVs for a few hours... 
Josh photo-bombing

...went bridge jumping - not me of course; I was just the photographer :). 

We also watched the annual parade. 

Small-town parades crack me up. 
They have the most random things in the parade and they also throw out the most random things...
 chocolate milk, a bunch of toothbrushes, foam hats, beef jerky, etc. 

Another Josh photo-bomb lol
We ended the weekend at the rodeo. 
It had just rained like crazy before it started, 
and it wasn't the most exciting rodeo I've been to, 
but it was still pretty fun. 

It was also Tyson's dad's 50th Birthday while we were down there. 
I figured since 50 was a BIG one, that I'd make him a DVD. 

Roxi was a huge help gathering pictures, 
Tyson put them in order, 
then I went to work for a few days putting it all together. 

I always LOVE the way they turn out. 
I'm tempted to post some clips of the DVDs I make, but they're usually family oriented 
and I don't wanna put too much out there on the internet. 
But, you can ask family; it's THE best gift! 
I love making our annual family DVD too - gives everyone something to look forward 
to at the end of the year. 

Any who... so that was last weekend. 


This weekend we went with my family to our new home in St. George, UT. 

My parents just bought a place down there in Entrada right on the golf course. 
It's so beautiful and I can't wait to spend so much more time there with family and friends!! 

My sister-in-law kid-napped my brother for his birthday and stayed at our condo in 
St. George for the weekend so I was on babysitting duty. 

But I LOVED waking up to this sweet face every morning. 
I love my sweet niece Addisyn
I didn't take a whole lot of pictures like I was planning on, but here are a few. 

I might do a post down the road to give a tour of the new home - it's GORGEOUS. 
Main room // Those large windows slide all the way open with the push of a button :) 

When you walk through the front door, this is what you see across the hallway
Playing games with this VERY mobile munchkin all weekend.
These long hallways surround the pool; which is the center of the house. 
We were lucky enough to have amazing weather! 
Which meant pool-time every day!

Hope the husband doesn't mind this haha. I think speedos are the worst invention lol
This is the pool area. A BBQ area, outside shower, and a bathroom are behind me as well.
It's actually my brother's 30th Birthday today!! 
That's a big part of why we went to St. George this weekend; 
house warming "party" and to celebrate birthdays. 
My brother Ryan and my cute mama
I also made my brother a DVD. 
It was so much fun to make and of course, I cried watching it with everyone yesterday. 
My brother is such a special person and I can't imagine life without him. 
He's been such a great example in my life and has been there for and with me 
every step of the way. 


I'm pretty sure we're heading back down to St. George this weekend too. 
Tyson's cousin Tavia is going on a mission! 

Tavia was a BYU Cougarette last year. 
Tavia on the right 
She's so talented and is going to be an amazing missionary! 
Kenna Wild is Tyson's cousin's girlfriend // she's an amazing photographer!

Tyson and I are starting Insanity tomorrow! 
It's my second time and his first. 
We've taken our before pics - which I probably will never post, 
the calendar is ready, and so are we. 

I'm pretty nervous but I'm way excited because I know what it does for/to my body. 
I can't wait to get bikini ready for our cruise in October! 

I'm ready to earn my t-shirt again :) 
[not my personal photo]

Have a good week everyone!! 

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