Sunday, October 5


It is officially October and it's my favorite month of the year!!
The weather is perfect, the mountains and trees are changing, and there are 31 days
of endless Halloween festivities!!

But enough of October; we'll get to that next time. 

Just when I started to feel like I didn't do much in September, my Camera Roll reminds me otherwise. 

/ D A I R Y   F R E E / 
I figure I'll start off with the "TMI" more "Personal" post and get that out of the way.
I found out about 5 weeks ago that I'm Lactose Intolerant. 

Unfortunately yes, it is something you can develop overtime.
And if anyone knows me, this (aside from having Celiac) is the worst dietary issue
I could have developed lol.

Cheese is my FAVORITE food!
It goes in and on everything I eat and it makes my world go 'round.
When I started getting symptoms a couple of months ago, I really just brushed off the
stomach pains and bloating as "maybe it was the broccoli", or the green foods
I had eaten the night before.

The symptoms started getting really severe over the following weeks and I
couldn't handle it anymore.
My office is amazing and offers a free in-house clinic so I scheduled an appt with the Dr.

I had a feeling of what the problem was but chose to ignore that sad thought.
She told me to cut out all dairy for 2 weeks and come back with the results.
I was up to the challenge so I could avoid the pain and missing any more work. 

Dairy: Milk, Butter, Cheese, Whey, Guar Gum

Those are the main ingredients I now had to avoid.
And what do ya know?
I felt instantly better 3 days later when everything was out of my system.

Back at the Dr.'s 2 weeks later, she officially diagnosed it and said it's not curable; only manageable. 

Well, I'm definitely not at a manageable place yet.
At dinner one night, I hadn't realized that a roll I ate had been brushed with butter;
hit me a couple of days later and I missed work that day.

Even when the graphic side-effects aren't in play,
the pain alone is not worth "cheating" or not noticing dairy in something I'm eating.

So, as much as I'm craving anything with Ranch, Cafe Rio, Taco Bell, a cheeseburger, a slice of pizza,
white-chocolate popcorn, or hot chocolate... the pain is not worth it. 

The upside - I'm not eating fast food like I used to.
Everyone has "Dairy Free" items on their menus, but the lack of flavor to me just isn't worth it lol.
I tried a "Dairy Free" pork tostado at Cafe Rio.... NOT THE SAME!
Anything at Cafe Rio without their creamy tomatillo dressing just isn't worth it. 

The downside - We leave for our cruise on Friday and not eating the soft serve and
everything else I love is going to be tough. 

I know things could definitely be worse, but in my life, food is a happy thing.
I don't diet because telling me I CAN'T have something just makes me really 'hangry' lol.
I eat what I want when I want because I'm still young and able to do so
with my regular work-out routine. 

So, adieu for now my dairy love.
Until I feel the courage to taste your deliciousness again with the assistance of an OTC aide,
we are officially broken up.
It's not you, it's m...... no wait..... it's definitely you.
Okay, and a little of me.
But this isn't by choice.
You are the Romeo to my Juilet and with that, our love is forbidden.
Enjoying my new milk lol
haha aaaaannnndddd.......... moving on! 

/ A Ω   R E C R U I T M E N T / 

I'm currently on the board of my college sorority's alumnae chapter.
It's been a great way for me to stay involved with the sorority but at a distance
where I'm not overwhelmed with extra commitments.

I'm also an advisor for one of the collegiate board members and assist and give input where needed.

I love being able to get together with some of my old pledge sisters.
I really made life-long friends that I know I'll have for life. 

I've raved about the sorority life before but seriously, I had THE best college experience.
Dorms, football student club, parties, sorority life, etc.
I don't regret any moment and kinda feel bad for those that don't get the big college experience.

It made me more understanding, more open, and more experienced in real life situations outside
of my "Happy Valley bubble" I grew up in.

It was the ideal college experience for me and
I LOVE the memories and new friendships I made while there. 

A couple of the alumnae helped with the collegiate recruitment week.
Anything from pretending to be freshman pledges to cleaning and setting up in-between
the daily recruitment parties.

About 400 girls went through recruitment and each house now has around 50 new members.
Such a great experience and I love being involved and seeing these incoming freshman
ready to begin their own college experiences that I still cherish to this day.

/ KI T T E N S / 

More kitten videos!
I volunteer at least 6 hours a month for Best Friends Animal Society.
I still love it :).

I was juggling between the adoption center and the kitten nursery
to see which I had a better feel for, and the nursery definitely won.

I love being able to be a part of feeding and keeping the babies alive.
Hearing their adoption stories makes me that more proud for having helped them find that
"forever home".

/  D I R T Y    D A S H / 

I really didn't think I would do the Dirty Dash again lol.
I think the 10K course totally killed it for me in the spring.
But, we decided just to do the 5K and it was SO much better.
Not to mention, my parents did it with us! haha

It was so much fun doing something like that with them.
My step-dad was pretty skeptical about it at first - probably because I kept saying how much
I hated being dirty and how I banged up I got the first time around.
But, he definitely walked away laughing and loving the experience. 

/ T O D D L E R - S I T T I N G / 

This little girl still has me wrapped around her little finger.
I've never known a smarter, more athletic, funnier, little (almost) 2 year old.
She never seizes to amaze me and keeps me laughing every time I see her.

From her twerking to her sassy phrases, there's no end to the fun times when I'm with her.
I can't even imagine how fun it will be to have another niece around here in just a couple of weeks!!

Loving all of this baby experience before I step into the role for myself.

/  G R A N D   A M E R I C A / 

My mom is seriously the sweetest.
Aside from everything else that I love about her,
she treated me and my sister-in-law to a night downtown for a girls-night.

We had a great steak dinner at Spencer's and then enjoyed our beautiful room and view at
The Grand America.

I was so bummed I had to leave for work the next morning, but it was so much fun!
I love random girl's nights :)

/ L I L'   W A Y N E / 

My brother is a huge Lil' Wayne fan lol.
He and I bought tickets for his 2009 concert but he ended up canceling the Salt Lake tour location.
 When we saw he was coming this time,
I figured this would just be a good guys night for Ryan and Tyson.

I got to get some crafting done and Tyson got to enjoy some dirty rap with my brother lol.

Aside from Lil' Wayne and Drake making everyone wait almost 3 hours to come out,
they had a really good time. 

/ C A R   S E A T   C A N O P Y / 

With another baby on the way, my sister-in-law wanted me to make a
new car-seat canopy for baby #2.

I love learning how to make something new and as it turns out,
I've got a knack for making baby things lol.

I've already made a second one and my other sister-in-law wants one for her baby on the way too.
I love the way they turn out.
I can't post the second one yet, but I definitely will in my next post.

/ L U N C H / 

The company I work for (CHG Healthcare) is located right next to Big Cottonwood Canyon.
We do a regular bi-monthly "pay-day lunch" so we decided to take this one up to the canyon
before it gets too cold.

It was literally a 5 minute drive and it was absolutely beautiful! 

/ H A L L O W E E N    D E C O R / 

Because October started on a Wednesday this year,
I felt it was only fair to start decorating the weekend before instead of a busy week-night.

Each year I change and add things to my decor.
It definitely grew this year but I'll post more pics for my October post.

Here are a few starting pictures. 

Spray painted with "Looking Glass" paint.
In day-light, they're more of a mirrored look instead of smokey. 

Potion bottles, etc are finished beyond these pics, but I'll post them next time. 

Well, that's all for September! 
Thanks for stopping by and listening to my rambles :) 

Happy Haunting & Happy Halloween!!!! 

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