Thursday, September 4


Another month down! 
Can you believe it's already the first week of September? 
I love that the holidays are just around the corner.

Enjoy some videos and pictures from our August fun :) 

/ H O G L E   Z O O /
For my brother's birthday, I took my niece off his hands for the whole day. 
Tyson and I have memberships to the Hogle Zoo that we bought at the Tracy Aviary auction, 
so I added her to my membership so I can take her anytime I want :)

I LOVE her legs!

/ B I R T H D A Y S - P A R T 1 / 
My step-brother Alex just left on his mission to New York in July, 
so we sent him a care package for his birthday on August 3rd. 

I love making poems and notes 
so it was fun to help out with the package for him and his buddies. 

/ B I R T H D A Y S - P A R T 2 / 
My brother turned 31 on August 4th. 
His wife Madison threw him a nice surprise party last year 
so we kept it really low key with just family this year. 

It was fun just eating cake, enjoying the company, and of course, 
ending it with a show from Addi lol. 

My cute mama and my brother
I adore her

Yes, Addisyn has learned how to "twerk" haha. 
I love that she has rhythm and will get some dancing skills from her auntie ;) 

/ D A T E  N I G H T / 
I didn't take many pictures, but Tyson and I went to Fat Cats in Salt Lake 
for one of our date nights and I never knew they had glow golf! 

So after some Pizza Factory, we went and enjoyed a couple of free rounds of mini-golf 
thanks to some coupons from the St. Anthony, ID parade in July lol. 

With the theme song from Pirates of the Caribbean playing the whole time, 
naturally we went home and watched every Pirates movie that weekend lol. 

/ B I R T H D A Y S - P A R T 3 / 
Lots of August birthdays around here!
My step-dad turned 44 this year on the 24th.
We always like to come up with games for his birthday so this year it was my turn.
I just did some "which of these is true" facts and if he got the question wrong,
he had to put another War Head in his mouth lol.

My mom always gets Steve a really great cake made every year.

Addi of course wanted to be a part of the grown-up fun so we let her try a War Head. 
She wanted so badly to like it but it wasn't gonna happen lol. 

/  T I M E   C A P S U L E / 
I read an article last month about this 12 year old girl that passed away from pneumonia 
and her parents found a letter she had written to herself before she had gotten sick. 
The letter she wrote to herself was to be opened in 10 years. 
For a 12 year old girl, it was an inspiring letter about her relationship with God and those around her. 

It struck a chord with me so Tyson and I wrote our own letters to open in 10 years. 
It was so inspirational just writing it. 
It made me want to be my best now so I could have these great things to look forward to in 10 years.

So, we stashed them away in my memory box for me and Tyson
and lets hope we can just forget its in there so we aren't tempted to read them ;) 

/ L A B O R   D A Y   W E E K E N D / 
I love spending time with family in St. George. 
My parents weren't able to go down this year but the kids still decided to go
since it's the last time Madison can really travel until baby #2 get's here. 

The 4 of us used to mess around with the Helium Booth app
so I decided to whip it out again while we were carpooling down to St. George lol

Addi is always so serious lol
The boys went golfing Friday and the girls got massages Saturday
My favorite part of these family vacations 
is getting to snuggle and wake up to my AddiBug every day

munchin on breakfast 
Running down the hallway to get ready to "himm!"

Why we have not thrown this mask away yet, I will never know. 
It's just creepy to have around for the boys to torment us all weekend lol

It was the perfect weekend getaway; minus battling the flu all weekend. 

I finally had an appetite on our way home and was craving Ernie's Sports Deli so bad! 
I wish I lived closer to this place; I'd be there everyday just like high school lol

Here's to a fabulous September!! 
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