Saturday, August 16


I can't believe I haven't posted in over 4 months! lol 

Since there has been SOOO much going on these last few months, 
I figured it would be easiest to post our adventures and happenings by each month in a separate post. 

Here's to April 2014 :) 

// T y s o n ' s    2 6 t h    B i r t h d a y // 
I already posted about mine so we'll start with Tyson's. 
Our birthdays are only two days apart so we always do a nice dinner out the day in-between 
and then make sure our birthdays are our own special day. 

// F l o r i d a  // 
My aunt lives out in Florida so my mom and I decided to fly out for the weekend 
and FINALLY see her after so long! 
We're really close with my mom's sister and her family so it's been hard not living 
close to them since they left Utah when I was about 10. 
Word is that my aunt, uncle, and their 4 boys 
we'll be coming out for Thanksgiving! Can't wait!! 

Me & Mama Barb

Me & my Aunt Linda (we call her annie) 

2 of 4 of my favorite cousins with my aunt

 // E a s t e r //
I flew in from Florida the night of Easter. 
The day I left, I hid a bunch of eggs around the house for Tyson to find when I got home. 
Each egg had a clue about where he could find the next egg. 

New fishing pole and tackle box. 
(This is basically our storage room/office so don't mind the random tables and junk lol)
We've been fishing a bunch since and I've even learned how to filet a fish!

// B a b y - s i t t i n g    &    D o g - s i t t i n g //
We're lucky enough to live close to family. 
My brother and his wife let us borrow my niece once in a while and even overnight babysit. 
It's been good practice and even better birth control haha

My mom and step-dad go out of town about once a month 
and we love puppy-sitting Max for her. 
We forgot his leash so we used the toddler leash lol 

// J a z z   G a m e s //
We had our last season game with my brother and his wife. 
I can't believe the new season is just around the corner already! 
However, I'm still way more excited for football season to be starting :) 

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