Saturday, August 16


Middle of summer! We're almost caught up! haha

June was definitely busy but it was so much fun!

// D i r t y    D a s h //
Tyson and I bought a package at the Tracy Aviary auction 
and part of the package was two free admissions into the Dirty Dash race. 

I HATE being dirty, so when I found myself signing up for this I was pretty shocked lol. 
If I said I had "A LOT OF FUN!" I'd definitely be lying. 
This was such a hard course, mainly because Tyson and I were very out of shape. 
But.. we did have a good time. 
It was a new experience and I love obstacles… just not the in-between stuff lol. 
The full 10k was a bit much and got kinda dull by the end, so next month, we'll just be doing the 5k. 
Lets hope Shaun T can get me in shape by then ;) 

Tyson's brother and his then-fiancee did it with us

Tyson was having more fun than I was lol 

Thanks to Riley's parents for the great pics all day!
heading to the finish line

// W e d d i n g ' s    P a r t    2 // 
Tyson's younger brother Josh and his adorable new wife Riley, had a beautiful wedding. 
They were sealed in the Salt Lake temple and the reception was held in her backyard. 
The four of us hang out pretty often and I've loved getting to know Riley; she's a great addition 
to the Buck family and I love having another girl around :)

SO MANY gorgeous pictures were taken that day so here are some of my favorites.

The bride and her maids
The groom and his men
I love him in suspenders :)
I love this picture of the bridal party;
I have no idea what we were all looking at but it was a pretty serious moment ;) lol

Babies look good on us ;) 

// K I S S    &    D e f   L e p p a r d //
Definitely a concert not many expected to see me at lol. 
I have to admit, I knew 2 lines from 2 different songs the entire night, 
but KISS seriously put on one of the best concerts I've seen. 
I'm more of a Van Halen kinda girl but it was such a fun night! 

 photo SiggyR3_zps16c0ecea.png

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