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Last month to catch up on!
I think it's going to be easiest if I just post at the end of every month.
That way I'm not overwhelmed with getting it updated and one post a month
will be good enough for the readers :)

Let's just hope it doesn't take me 4 months to get around to updating this thing next time lol 

 // C a m p i n g //
I am definitely more of a hotel & spa kinda girl rather than tents and campfires, but… 
after stepping out of my comfort zone, I actually had a really good time! 
Tyson and I went camping with Josh and Riley up AF canyon and found a perfect camping spot. 
It was away from the road, by a stream, and in a great private area. 
We'll definitely prepare our food a little better next time, but I won't be so quick to say "no" to going camping again since I really loved getting out into nature. 

Proud of ourselves for building the tent

morning view

// W r e a t h s //
I've been wanting to get around to making wreaths for my front door and figured 
4th of July was a perfect time to start. 
I found this idea on Pinterest and I just loved it. 
I even made an identical one for my sister-in-law since she loved it too. 

I made another wreath that is more spring/summery, but I have a lot of ideas 
and can't wait to get started on Halloween, Fall, and Christmas wreaths :) 

// B e s t   F r i e n d s    &    M i s s i o n a r i e s //
My best friend Nani moved to Chicago this summer. 
I seriously couldn't have asked for a better best friend to be growing up with 
and still be extremely close with every day. 
I miss her like crazy but am so happy she is flying out at the end of the month! 

My step-brother Alex left for his mission to New York. 
We had a last family meal at Chili's and then sent him off a couple of weeks later. 
It's weird not having him around but it'll be fun to watch him grow in so many ways.  
Me & Ryan

All of the boys
My other step-brother Sam hugging Al good-bye at the MTC

// L a d y   G a g a //
When we were in Hawaii over New Years, my sister-in-law and I decided to buy Lady Gaga tickets. 
It seemed so far away but it was here in no time!

We knew Madison would be about 6 months pregnant 
so we had to find something comfortable for her to wear. 
Forever 21 always carries gaudy looking outfits 
so we were able to find something to wear pretty quickly lol

We stayed in St. George for 2 nights at my parents house and enjoyed doing basically nothing lol. 
Then we drove to Las Vegas and stayed at the MGM Grand since that's where she was performing. 

The boys booked a round of golf for themselves and gambled a bit 
while we rocked out for a few hours to some of our favorite songs. 

We had such an amazing time and I loved dancing and belting out all of her songs! 

Dressing up was one of the best parts too. 
We had so many people coming up to us to get pictures taken. 
It was fun being a celeb for 5 minutes ;) 

By the end my feet were killing from my high heels and my eyes were hurting
 from smoke and eyelash glue, but seriously…. that woman knows how to put on a concert. 

I have some mad earned respect for Lady Gaga; she has some AMAZING pipes!! 
She sang live the entire time and even turned "Born This Way" into a beautiful ballad 
while she played the piano. 
Unlike the disappointing Britney Spears concert, 
Lady Gaga was the perfect concert and well worth the 7 month wait :)

// Y e l l o w s t o n e   &    I d a h o //
Our annual trip to Idaho for the 24th to Tyson's grandparent's house was made even better this year. 
Tyson knows how much I love natural geological beauty and wanted to take me to Yellowstone.
 Everyone else thought it was a good idea so they tagged along and it made for a really fun day! 

I'm one of the biggest worriers I know, and after taking an Earthquakes and Volcanoes class, 
I was well aware of what this place is capable of if it decides to explode. 
So I was a little anxious all day but I definitely enjoyed myself 
and could not believe the natural beauty there.

Mesa Falls in Idaho

St. Anthony, ID parade

// B e s t   F r i e n d s   A n i m a l   S o c i e t y //
I've been volunteering here since about March and I still love it. 
I volunteer at the adoption center in Sugarhouse and also volunteer at the kitten nursery. 

I'm better with animals than I am with people so this is the perfect kind of volunteering for me lol

Tyson and I don't want pets yet, but being able to work with kittens helps to get my fix.

The kitten nursery is a love hate relationship. 
It's hard having so many rules and steps to follow, but keeping the kittens safe and healthy 
is priority and totally understandable. 
I love bottle feeding the newborns and watching them graduate to the adoption center 
to find a forever home. 
Knowing I helped get them there definitely warms my heart a bit :). 

Even if you don't adopt a pet, stop by the adoption center to play in a room of kittens and cats…
there is no way you can be in a bad mood after leaving that place. 

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  1. You are just the coolest girl ever. I love the gaga outfits so much. That concert would be a blast.
    That's awesome you volunteer at an adoption center, I wish I lived closer so I could come play.
    Also, I'm pretty sure we were at Yellowstone the same time. I was there July 23-26. That would have been so fun to see each other.
    Lastly, you are gorgeous, and so fun, and I wish we lived by each other.
    The end. Haha.