Saturday, April 5

{ Quarter Century } Birthday!

I'm officially 25 years old as of yesterday :) 

My mom and Tyson were amazing this week and made sure I felt special 
and made sure this was a memorable birthday. 

Because this was a milestone birthday, I wanted to be sure my mom knew 
that I knew, that it was a big milestone for her as well; 
her baby is 25 :) 

I bought her a gift, a flower, and wrote her a note letting her know, 

"There wouldn't be Birthdays without moms." 

She's the most amazing woman in my life and I wanted to remind her of that. 

Well, not much else needs to be said so I'll let the pictures & captions do the talking :) 

On my way to work and pretty excited about the day to come lol
I've always wanted an Edible Arrangement; my momma is the best! 
Decorated cubie at work. (We recently got moved to smaller cubicles; kill me)
Co-worker bought me macaroons; everyone had devoured them at this point lol 
I got off work at noon and came home to a quick yummy lunch made by my adorable hubby. 
Tyson bought me a beautiful Marc Jacobs necklace, Nike shirt, and got my ring fixed and perfect again!

Tyson went golfing and I was gonna go shopping but decided to watch my shows and lounge instead;
I sent this to him to show how awesome I was being all afternoon lol 
This was from Thursday. My brother and his wife bought me a Mani Pedi.
Had to show off my nails to Tyson cuz he thinks hand models are so funny; that they are lol 
Me and my step-dad Steve at Hidden Valley County Club for dinner
My mom gave me a look if I tried to take these off lol
Mom was so sweet and made everyone party favors  
Loved the purple shades combo

Seriously my new favorite picture of my 16 mo. old niece. She came running in to give me my birthday card.
She is my favorite little person and I'm obsessed lol 
Madison, Addisyn, and my brother Ryan
Me, Tyson, Madison, Addi, Ryan, Alex, Sam { the kids } 
The birthday hat has been in our family for about 15 years now lol

My favorite movie as a kid. Raspberry filled vanilla cake.
 These next three photos are so funny. 
I wish I had the 4th to show Addi finally grab at the cake 
cuz she couldn't take it any longer lol.

"Oooh cake! I love cake!"

"Aunt Sarah, can you please cut just a little bit faster?"

"I can't take it! I'm about to just dig in!" 
 We finally gave her some cake and ice cream and she didn't even want it lol 
The stubborn terrible-twos are upon us lol (she still makes me laugh lol) 

My mom bought me this tiny little "S" necklace from Mark and Graham. 
Every Christmas, I make a DVD for the family of our year in review. They're amazing and I love them! 
I've also made them for anniversaries and big number birthdays. 

My mom wanted to surprise me and make one for my 25th. 
I bawled like a baby and will probably watch it a hundred more times. 
It was the best present! 
I'm so thankful she took the time to learn how to make one 
because it was absolutely perfect from beginning to end. 

Home for the day and lovin on my sweet husband. 

An absolutely perfect birthday.
 I wouldn't have had it any other way!!! 
Thank you to my friends and family who made it such an amazing day. 
I'm truly blessed to have so many great people in my life. 


Tyson and I are off to dinner and a movie for our shared birthday 
and then it's time to celebrate his 26th Birthday tomorrow!! 

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