Saturday, April 5

Self-Binding Blanket { pt 2 }

There was an auction going on at my mom's office the other day 
and she asked if I would make a blanket that she could donate. 
She loved the way this baby blanket turned out so I stuck with the same pattern. 

It's seriously so quick and easy and I am loving the way they are turning out. 

The full tutorial can be found on my first Self-Binding Baby Blanket tutorial post. 

Let me just say, REALLY follow the directions she gives in the YouTube video 
and take your time
I kind of got ahead of myself and ended up cutting one of the corners at a wrong angle.

 I had to create a corner since I cut mine off wrong. 

It seriously stressed me out but once I took a step back, I knew how to fix it. 

The blanket wasn't perfect, but honestly, had I not even pointed it out to my mom, 
she said she probably wouldn't have even noticed. 

The blanket was actually the first item sold at the auction! 
I was so relieved that the "imperfection" didnt even matter.

I definitely need to make myself one of these! 

 photo SiggyR3_zps16c0ecea.png

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