Saturday, April 5

Guest Book Balloons

I'm finally getting around to posting the final piece from the baby shower I threw for my co-worker. 

Instead of just having people sign a little guest book, 
I wanted Danielle to be able to see and use it for her nursery. 

I've seen this idea before and I just loved it. 
And it was actually super easy to make! 

I set this sign up at work so everyone would sign a circle as they arrived to the shower. 
We had a wonderful turn out so I had plenty of circles to work with. 

Poem by me :) 
I had some poster board cut to size at Hobby Lobby, bought some paper to match the nursery, 
and then found a sticker for the animal I wanted holding the balloon bouquet. 

Don't mind my fuzzy filled glue gun lol 
I placed a dot of glue on the back of the circle... 

Waited a couple of seconds and then pushed the thread into the glue to flatten and dry it all. 

Over and over and over :) 

I used my glue dot stickies instead of hot glue to place the circles on the poster board. 
Just incase I wanted to move them around - which I did. 

Once I had them all pasted down, I placed the elephant at the bottom corner, tied all of the threads
 together, and hot glued it down so it looked like the elephant was  holding the balloons. 

I found perfect letter stickers at Hobby Lobby to use for the baby's name. 

I think it turned out so cute and Danielle just loved it!

 photo SiggyR3_zps16c0ecea.png

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