Sunday, March 16

Simple Baby Blanket

I made this easy Self-Binding Baby Blanket for my co-worker's baby shower.

I've made blankets before but never a self-binding blanket for someone outside of family.

I was so glad I found this youtube video. (also below)
It was meant for flannel receiving blankets but I was able to use minky and fleece just fine. 

I also adjusted the sizes to be what worked for my fabric sizes.
I just made sure the smaller square was 10" shorter than the large square;
like she mentions in the video. 

looks crooked but it's just because of the dip in the floor

Zig Zag stitches around the connecting seam 
*TIP: Sew from the center outward on every side. 
This will keep your fabric from stretching during the process. 

I didn't take pictures of my steps since the video shows everything for you. 

They are so cute and turn out perfect! 

 photo SiggyR3_zps16c0ecea.png

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