Sunday, March 16

Cake Topper Banner

These are all over Pinterest but here's the banner I made for a cake I also made for the 
baby shower I threw at work.  

2 dowels 
Hot Glue 

I had all of these supplies on hand so it was another free project :) 

Step 1 
Cut out this "kite" shape for the banner. 
This way, it will easily fold over the yarn line.

Step 2
Fold across the center points 

Step 3
String the yarn across the crease

Step 4 
Place a dot of hot glue on the short triangle tip and press sides together. 
This will allow you to slide the banner pieces around where you want them. 
Fuzzy projects gunked up my gun lol 

Once your cake is ready to present, 
shove the dowels in at an outward angle
and wrap the yarn around the ends. 

Such a cute cake topper and so easy! 

PS... I hate making cakes lol I'll just buy one next time.
I can craft but I can't bake lol

 photo SiggyR3_zps16c0ecea.png

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