Sunday, March 16

Applique Baby Clothes

I appliquéd some baby clothes to make a clothesline for a baby shower 
I threw at work for my friend. 
(It’s hard to make an office look adorable lol)

I bought a t-shirt, onesies, and a bib from Hobby Lobby. 
They sell them so cheap so it makes personalizing baby clothes really affordable.

// Supplies //
Baby clothing item
Heat N Bond iron on adhesive
Fabric for designs
Sewing machine and thread

I had left over Heat N Bond and used fabrics I already had 
so this was basically a no-cost project for me :) 

Step 1
Iron on your heat n bond to your design fabric according to the instructions on the package. 
Don’t peel the paper backing off yet.

Step 2
Trace or free hand your designs on the paper backing 

Step 3
Peel off the adhesive paper

Step 5
Design right side up, place it on your clothing item and iron on so the glue starts sticking

I also sewed a button on for the eye to add a little something
Mustache design
Tie design
Sailboat design

Step 6
I used a zig-zag stitch all around the designs; this will keep the designs from peeling off. 

These are so easy and so cute. 
I definitely think I'll be making some of my own one day lol 

Cute pregnant Danielle
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