Sunday, March 16

Streamer Backdrop

This took a bit of time to make but I was able to recruit my 
sweet husband to help fringe-cut streamers.

I used this streamer backdrop behind the treat table at the baby shower I hosted.

//Supplies: Streamer Backdrop//
Fringe Scissors
Optional: Fabric, buttons for top of backdrop

Martha Stewart fringe scissors from Hobby Lobby
//Supplies: Dye-cut circle garland//
Sewing machine


Streamer Backdrop

Step 1
Fringe-cut all streamers to be used
-I used a binder clip to keep a stack together as I cut

Sweet husband taking over when my fingers started to hurt :)
Step 2
Drape the streamers over your rope, pinch, and tape the streamer strand together
Over and over and over :)

Circle Garland 

Step 1
Cut out circles.
Everyone has their own way. I used my cricut since it could cut out 36 at a time.

Step 2
Prepare your machine and begin to sew like any other project.
Back stitch a couple of time on the first circle, then continue to feed the circles through one after the other. space them as you'd like.

Step 3
Back stitch a few times when you get to the end.

Step 4
Drape over streamer backdrop and tie a know so it stays in place.

I didn't like the look of the top of the backdrop so I found some leftover fabric from an old project.
I hemmed the edges so it was clean looking.

I then folded it in half over the top and hand stitched a couple of stitches so it wouldn't move.
Then I sewed on a few large buttons just to add to it since it was for a baby shower.

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