Tuesday, November 4


To say October was busy would be quite the understatement. 
We had something on the calendar almost all 31 days! 
But, I wouldn't have had it any other way! 


/ / C  r u i s e / / 
Incase you missed it 
(and I don't know how you would), 
here's the link to the post on our cruise vacation. 
It was way too long to cram into my regularly monthly post. 

/ / B a b y   E h i n  # 2 / / 
I also briefly mentioned in the cruise post that my brother's 2nd baby 
was born while we are on vacation. 

Harper Ryan Ehin 

I just love her to pieces and LOVE LOVE the smell of yummy baby 
and her softer than perfect skin! 
(baby hungry much?) lol 

/ / B e s t i e s / / 
I've been so bummed having my best friend half way across the country, 
but I absolutely LOVE when she flies into town. 

Nani's baby shower for her little man was the day Tyson and I were traveling home 
from our cruise so unfortunately, I had to miss it. 
But, I made sure we got together for dinner as soon as I got back. 

I made her this adorable car seat canopy and I love how it turned out. 
I can't wait to make baby things for myself one day! 

Everyone needs a best friend like Nani - they're a rare breed indeed ;) 

/ / P r o m o t i o n //
I've been so lucky to have worked at CHG Healthcare Services for almost 4 years now! 
The benefits and the people are amazing and I just love what I do. 

I was promoted to a "Level 2 Physician Payroll Specialist" and it feels so good 
to see hard work paying off. 
And to be the only one as a Level 2 on my team so far.... that's pretty cool too :) 

Tyson knows the way to my heart - crappy foods lol 

/ / P a t c h e s   o f   P u m p k i n s / / 
I can't say I remember ever going to a real pumpkin patch - really! 
We went to the Maybe Farm Pumpkin Patch in South Jordan. 

We tried white pumpkins this year. They were so cute! 
However, our porch faces the sun and those poor pumpkins 
were shriveling by the next day. 
They didn't make it until Halloween, 
but it was still fun carving pumpkins for the season 

/ / R e a l / / 
I won some tickets at work to a Real game 
and was lucky enough to see Nani twice in 1 week before she left back home for Chicago! 

I'll be honest, I do not understand much about this sport. 
Just to mess with Tyson, I kept yelling football terms like 
"Touchdown!" and "Face mask!" 
I thought it was pretty funny ;) 

/ / F o u n d e r ' s  D a y  B r u n c h / /
I also attended the annual 
Alpha Chi Omega Founder's Day brunch at my collegiate chapter. 
It was a pretty short gathering but it's always fun to see good friends 
and be involved with the sorority. 

/ / H a u n t e d  H o u s e / / 
We usually try to hit at least 1 haunted place for the season and this year, 
I had some coupons to Nightmare on 13th. 
I haven't been there in a long time but it's seriously gotten so much better! 
The place was decked out to the nine's and looked great! 

/ / F r i g h t m a r e s / /
Our annual Lagoon date. 
I only go to Lagoon once a year and that's during Frightmares. 
The scene and atmosphere immediately put you in the Halloween spirit. 
I love the way it's decorated and it's always so much fun. 

Tip for next time: Don't go the last weekend they're open. 
The crowds were a bit too much! 

/ / T h r i l l e r / / 
Another annual tradition. 
I keep waiting for that one year when Tyson finally says "No" lol 
He's a trooper for going but ... I think he actually enjoys the show. 

We went the week of Halloween and I thought it would be awesome! 
It was a lot of fun, but it felt a little flat.
What happened to the in-between skit entertainment?!

I think we'll change it up and go back down to Tuachan next year. 

/ / H a l l o w e e n / / 
Halloween at CHG is always a blast. 
We had breakfast served by the Execs, a costume parade, and of course a costume contest.... 
We won!! 
How fun were our costumes?! 


I grew up watching and loving Michael Flatley's performances. 

I had so much fun curling my hair and dressing up. 
I think I nailed the inspiration picture lol

Tyson and I kept it really low key this Halloween. 
Watched some scary movies and handed out candy. 

We actually sat outside talking with our neighbors most of the night. 
They're basically the only neighbors we know 
(I know, we've been here for a year and a half lol) 
and they're moving in December! 

If anyone is looking for an adorable town home - we could be next door neighbors ;) 

I forgot to take pics of all of my Halloween decor, but here are a few that I managed to get.

How adorable is Addisyn's Candy Corn costume?!
haha boy do I love my Addi bug!

// N o v e m b e r //
Well, I hope everyone had a great Halloween and October! 
I know we did! 

The weather is changing, the leaves are almost all gone, and before you know it, 
Christmas will be here.

But, we can't wait to enjoy Thanksgiving in St. George with family 
from out of town and eat and eat and eat.

Oh and on a happier note! 
Remember my TMI post about being Lactose Intolerant? 
Well, I was brave enough to try Lactaid and what do you know?! 
Dairy has been welcomed with open arms back into my life. 
Heavy dairy like pizza is still a bit too much, 
but who cares - Cafe Rio is in my tummy again! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a great November everyone! 

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