Monday, August 13

St. Geezy R&R

This past weekend I was able to take a quick little road trip to St. George with my best girl! When I say we went for a little R&R I mean we went for A LOT of R&R lol.

We literally just laughed the whole weekend, laid by the pool, ate, watched movies, and ate some more :). It was definitely what we needed to end the summer with before school starts and the hubs comes back home.

I seriously have so much fun with Nani no matter what we are doing. We had some good talks in the car but we also laughed and made fun of ourselves about 90% of the weekend lol. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

Car ride down; we took some War Head challenges lol
My favorite breakfast place! 
I only wish we would have taken more pictures! Definitely not like us to walk away with no pictures together; however, we didn't get ready all weekend so maybe that's why lol.

Love this girl and I am so so lucky to have her in my life. In all the 6 years we've been best friends, we've never fought or had issues with each other. We are both so chill and just enjoy the time we have together.

St. Geezy with ma girl over the years ......

thanks for another super fun weekend Nans! Love you!

Well, the apartment is all clean, I cleared space in the closet for Tyson again, and I'm almost all packed! I can't believe this is my last night sleeping in my apartment alone! I'm so excited!!! I hate that my flight leaves at midnight tomorrow, but hopefully I sleep the whole way because once he picks me up from the airport, we're on the road!

Wish us luck on our 34 hour cross-country drive! 

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