Monday, August 6

Weddings, Sleepovers, & Ikea Torture

Aside from missing the hubs like crazy, I had a really fun weekend!

Earlier in the week I went to ANOTHER reception! TIS THE SEASON! lol. Cass and I have known each other since 7th grade but we got to be pretty good friends in high school during cheer. 
ha we were pretty gangster
After her ceremony at the Draper temple, her reception was at Wadley Farm's in Lindon, UT and it was a perfect setting. She looked so pretty!
thanks ash for the pic :)

Friday, I got to hang with ma bestie Nani! We went to sushi (as always), ran some errands, and ended up havin a fun sleepover! Popcorn, scary movie, and all :) 

We seriously have the BEST times together. we can have serious heart-to-hearts and then laugh so hard acting like idiots lol. That's why we've planned a quick weekend get away to St. George this weekend. Kind of a last Hoorah for the summer :) 

Saturday felt like it was never ending. (in a good way...sort of) 

My mom met me at Ikea so I could get some accent stools and a new dining room table (much needed). And she picked up some closet organizers and needed some help organizing her shoes. 

Because I love building things (that come with instructions), I offered to build her nifty shoe rack. Well, that's where it started; one shoe rack turned into a legitimate closet makeover! 

My mom is NOT a slob, she just LOVES shoes and bags lol. So, they end up over flowing everywhere and the task was to get the shoes off the floor. 

A few cute boxes, a rack from an unused basement closet, a couple of hours, and one GIANT bag of clothes for D.I. later... it turned out beautifully! 

BEFORE ..... 


These pictures just don't do it justice. There's seriously so much more space in there now! 

Haha I should TOTALLY organize as a living! They make big bucks :) 

After sweating it out in the closet, we headed down to Mulligans for some Birthday Golf for my step-brother Alex. 
 haha good times... I'm just way too impatient for this game. 

After Mulligans, Alex and Sam helped carry my new table up to my apartment, I grabbed an overnight bag and decided to bond with my little bros. We made some homemade popcorn and spent the night watching horribly scary movies - which led to the 3 of us sleeping on the couch because we were too scared to be alone lol. 

Sunday was VERY chill. After some yummy dinner I headed home to start working on my new stools and table. I LOVE THEM :) 
Extended table with leaf
Without and with the table leaf - and it folds underneath the table magically if you don't want it :)
Next project: reupholster the chairs :)

My mom's been dying to put something under this table
It all turned out so cute! However, with Ikea, comes injury........ 

I have a big ol' bruise on my butt from building my mom's shoe rack - the metal connectors were facing up on the floor and I sat down to screw them in... sat right on one I didn't see - OUCH! 

While flipping the shoe rack over, I dropped it right onto my barefoot! Sweet

Scratches all over my hands from who knows what.

Blisters on my palms from the screw driver and the 500 screws to drill in.

And what feels like carpal tunnel in my hands today - sucks when my job involves 8 hours of computer work! 

I have faith that I will heal quickly ;) 


BTW....... 1 week until I see this cute guy!! 

Can't wait to have him home!! I've missed my hubby!! 

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  1. LOVED THIS POST! You are cute. Your family is cute. Let me be like you please. :)