Monday, July 30

Baby Bumpin' & Birthday Fun

I can't believe how fast the weeks and months are going by for little baby A.

It's already time for another baby bump pic! 

They are so cute. Baby A will be adorable! 
Madison's bump is starting to really look like a preggo belly and it's super cute!! I get baby hungry for a few minutes and then remember I'm completely not ready to be a mom; but I am ready to be baby's favorite aunt :D 

Ryan's birthday isn't until Saturday the 4th but we celebrated early since they're going away for the weekend. 

I can't believe Ry is already 29!! It's his last year in his 20's before he becomes an old dad next year :) so I decided to make his present nostalgic so he could enjoy his last 29 years.... 

good times :)

Great movies, candy, t.v. shows, and games

Ryan LOVED Ninja Turtles so I made him a special card (and envelope) from scratch. Also made a mix of our favorite songs growing up - seriously the best mix I own now 

My cute parents, the birthday hat that's been around for about 12 years, Ry enjoying his new gifts

a little Sunday golf to break in the new clubs - yes I have crappy form... At least that ball goes flyin! haha
Happy Birthday Ry Guy!! 
I can't wait for you to see your 30th Birthday gift I'm already planning :) 

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