Wednesday, July 11

Ute Nostalgia

Since Tyson is away for the summer and starts school two days after he gets home, I decided to get a head start on getting his textbooks ready; so I took a little trip up to the U's bookstore. Even just being on campus for half an hour brought back SO many fun memories and feelings. I wouldn't have changed ANY of it!

Well, thanks to my nostalgia, you get to enjoy my college experience in photo montage :) It was so hard trying to pick the few pics I chose from my EVENTFUL three year experience... enjoy!
First Football game of college - sideline seats :)

First Dorm room

First Roommates

First Summer Apartment

Sophomore football season!

Alpha Chi Omega Pledge Class 2008
Pledge class causin problems :)

First Spring Formal Dance 


New pledge sisters Spring 2009

Sorority girls Spring Break in Mexico! 

Cruise to Mexico 2009

Cabo Spring Break 2009 
The day I saw Tyson for the first time in college - hit him up on Facebook that night :)
Summer fun with the girls 2009
Our new room! 
Love these girls forever
First day of school Fall 2009!
Waiting for the Fall 2009 pledge sisters  
Our Fameree! 
Pledge night!  
Service Day (top) - haha the Black Hole; you can try to study but you'll be sucked into anything but

Junior year of Football!!! 

Welcome to the Lives of Utah's Elite...xoxo :)

My first dance with Tyson - Moulin Rouge

Havin some fun during Initiation week for the new girls 

Homecoming Week - Don't worry, we won house decorating! 
Last game of Junior year. 

Senior Football Season/my last months of college
Classes with Madison Sr year and introduced these two soon-to-be parents :)
4 amazing football seasons with this chick!! so much fun! 

Graduated Fall 2010, Ceremony Spring 2011
I seriously couldn't have asked for a better college experience. Dorms, strange roommates, football galore, sorority, parties, amazing classes, gorgeous campus, working on campus, finding my husband, all nighters for finals, Spring Break, BEST INSIDE JOKES and creating friendships and memories that I'll cherish always. 

I'm so proud to say that I LIVED THE DREAM COLLEGE LIFE in 3 short years. 

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