Tuesday, July 3

Baby Bumps and Wedding Love

I meant to make a post of my sister-in-law's 20 week baby bump pics but it slipped my mind; although, if we are Instagram/Facebook friends, I'm sure you saw them :)


I just got back from my good friend, Makena's, wedding! It was adorable! She had the whole wedding up at Sundance Resort and it was gorgeous.

The girls with the Bride and Groom :)

Makena with < Katie < and > Mallory > 

Makena with < Me < and > Leslie >

Makena with < Whitney < and > Tori >

Bouquet toss


My party favor ;) 
Makena and I have been friends since the 3rd grade and it's been fun since day 1. I always laugh so hard with her and she's such a great friend. I hope you and Nigel have a beautiful marriage!!

CONGRATULATIONS Makena & Nigel Goodwin!! 

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