Saturday, July 28

Historic New York

I've been meaning to post my New York pictures but my flight got in at midnight Tuesday and I've been busy with things until late tonight :).

This was my last trip to see Tyson where we would be able to site-see so I'm glad we took the tour to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Enjoy the pics!
Waiting for the L.I.R.R. ** this lady dresses up her dog every weekend and goes to Time Square to hang out
Beautiful memorial statues

I definitely love the views of southern Manhattan better than the actual inner-city

LOVE this!

One of my favorite sites to see ever - so much meaning 

Ellis Island
 Time to vent...

Ellis Island was once a place where millions of immigrants came through to EARN their way into America and live the American dream. There are rooms upon rooms of testing and medical centers to filter out the sick, etc. There were even detention centers for those who were here illegally and were to be deported.

New laws began limiting the number of immigrants that could be accepted into America and soon after, they were further limited from mass-immigration. Ellis Island soon just became a place to hold WW2 enemies. After the 1950 Internal Security Act, which banned immigrants who had been members of Communist and Fascist organizations, and after the Naturalization Act of 1952, fewer and fewer came through Ellis Island and it officially closed its doors in 1954. Later becoming a national monument and added to the Statue of Liberty tour.

It was such a long and NECESSARY process in order to become an American citizen. It made finally becoming an American so worth it and they strived to be great and productive citizens.

I find it sickening at how our country has turned a complete 180 on this process. Now our President is letting anyone in through the gates at any cost; and these illegals will be voting during our elections this year (along with dead people and cartoon characters apparently). They are not citizens (Mr. Prez is looking pretty guilty himself lately) and SHOULD NOT be allowed to enjoy the rights that I have has a citizen if they are not legal; ****it would be this way in any other country.****

I wish We had another Ellis Island. We need to secure the borders and know exactly who is coming through and who is taking advantage of what we have here.

I'm leaving it at that because I'm not one to go all publicly political on everyone lol.

This sums up my thoughts for the next election: 

moving on..... :)
One of the new WTC towers - said to be the tallest in the Western Hemisphere
 I 100% completely love that they are rebuilding the Trade Center Towers; and even making them even more beautiful than before.

To me, this is such a proud sign that our enemies can try to tear us apart and burn us to the ground, but the American people will rise up stronger than we were before. (I was feeling very patriotic and so proud to be an American) :)

Empty subway after a long day of walking the town. 

This is Tyson's bedroom. We literally slept in that twin bed the first night I got to NY lol. Needless to say it was an uncomfortable sleeping situation.

I wish I had taken the before picture of his room - I OWNED it and made it spotless! haha I just couldn't help myself. I cleaned and he played his games; worked out for the both of us :)

My last day there Tuesday, after a movie ( and some lunch, we had some time to kill before my flight. So we went on a little house hunt for a home I didn't realize was just around the corner!

(my pics are in color)

Ryan and I have been obsessed with this horror story since the Ryan Reynolds movie came out (still need to see the original). Parts of the story seem to have been proven false, but I still believe no one will ever really know what REALLY went on in that home.

They remodeled the famous pie-shaped windows, gave it a new paint job, and even changed the address to try and throw visitors off - didn't really work obviously cuz we found it in no time.

It was just fun an eerie to see this bit of history. Who knows what was going on with the De Feos, but the murders did actually take place. I bet this place would be awesome during Halloween :)

That was it for our last fun visit; the next time I fly out in 3 weeks is a one-way ticket to drive back home with him! I can't wait! It'll be so nice having my hubby and best friend home again.

I feel like I've been attending A LOT of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and weddings lately lol. Tis the season! Yesterday, I was lucky enough to take a trip back to O*town with my mama for an old friend's bridal shower.

I love Brooke and we have known each other for quite some time! We danced at the same studio for a bit growing up, grew up in the same ward, and even got to cheer together my senior year.
Brooke is the cute little blondie :) (and yes, we are all burned, and exhausted in the bottom pic lol)

Love this cute girl and can't wait to see her on her big day.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!! I'll be posting early next week since we are celebrating Ryan's 29th Birthday Sunday!! My big brother is growing up so fast ;)

Nighty night!

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