Saturday, May 4

Food Placement Cards

My mother-in-law asked me to make some Food Placement Cards for their cookie table at the wedding next Friday. 

I had the evening to myself at home, so I pulled out my Cricut, hooked it up to my computer, and started playing around with the Cricut Craft Room application. 
It's amazing and I can't wait to make more crafts with it! 

The Cricut Craft Room allows you to create what you want to cut out right on your computer. 
And because it's plugged into your Cricut, you hit "CUT" on your computer and it starts cutting on your Cricut machine! 
Cricut Imagine w/ HP Printer
I love learning new things every time I turn on my Cricut. Not to mention, my other sister-in-law bought me a Cricut Creative Cards cartridge for my birthday so I finally got to put it to use - and I can't wait to use it for Mother's Day just around the corner. 

Okay, now to my craft. I wish I had taken some step-by-step pictures,
but by looking at the final project you can easily tell what was done.

I used materials I already had from the Wedding Banner I made so I knew they would match
* 4-5 colors solid paper
* Cricut machine
* Clear-drying glue
* Glue Dot Adhesives

If you don't own a Cricut, you can always cut the shapes out by hand and purchase some doilies.
Thankfully, my Cricut cut it all out for me so it saved a lot of time! 

~ This is what I did specifically for this project - change your paper and process for you :)

>> Tan card stock for the main card
>> Pink and mint paper for the decorative back drop (layer 2)
- I used the Glue Dots on the four corners to secure it to the tan paper because wet glue can make thin paper wrinkley when it dries.
>> I used dark brown card stock for the letters that were cut out by my Cricut
- I used an exacto-knife to help place and glue my tiny letters.
- You can also write your letters by hand. These letters were so tiny so it took a while to place and glue each one on the placement card.
>> I used some scrap paper I already had for the Cricut-cut doilies. There is pattern on the back, but I just flipped it over to use the white side.
- I didn't want a full-size doily on each card; #1 I didn't want it to be the focus of the Placement Card & #2 There are tiny pieces to clean up off the Cricut mat and I didn't have the patience lol. So, I used 2 full doilies and placed parts of them on each of the cards.

Overall, such a cute project that took little time to make thanks to my Cricut. 

I don't craft every day or even every week, 
but investing in a Cricut seriously makes my random projects so much easier.
(Starting to think they should pay me for advertising) lol

Feel free to email me with any questions about the Wedding Food Placement Cards project! 

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