Saturday, May 18

Quick Pillows

My mom had some left over fabric from when we had someone make curtains and pillows 
for my room at home years ago. 

She uses my old bedroom now as a guest room when family comes to town. 
She needed to reupholster a chair in my room and add some pillows on it. 

So she covered the chair....

Which turned out so cute!

And I was in charge of pillows. 

Thankfully she already had pillows, so I just needed to 
make casings, shove the pillow in, and close it up. 
Simple enough - seriously! 

//What you'll need//
* Pillow
* Fabric twice as long as your pillow and a few inches wider than your pillow
* Heat n Bond (or you can hand stitch it close)
* Sewing pins
* Thread
* Scissors
* Iron
* Sewing Machine

Step 1. Measure how wide/long your pillow is
Step 2. Measure your fabric to be about an inch wider than your pillow and pin right sides together
- Because I had fabric twice as long as my pillow, I was able to fold it over, right sides together, and pin the 3 open sides

Step 3. Sew the two sides of the pillow (I just used random thread color since it isn't going to be seen)
Step 4. Sew a zig-zag line next to the straight line. This will make your pillow stronger and holes won't easily be made. 
Step 5. Clip the corners at an angle so when it is folded right side out, it makes a clean corner

Step 6. Sew the last open side about half to 3/4 of the way and stop. 
Go back and forth a few times to keep that opening strong

Step 7. Flip your case right side out. Fold the opening down and iron it flat. 
Then stuff your pillow inside.
Step 8. Cut a strip of Heat n Bond as wide as your opening. Iron it on with paper side facing you. 
This takes only a few seconds. 
Step 9. Once the paper has cooled, peal it off. 
The glue strip should now be on your fabric but barely visible. 

Step 10. Normally I would use an iron to glue the two pieces closed, but because of my bulky pillows, I used my Flat Iron instead -seriously! It worked just as well and I didn't have to lay it on a table. 
- My fabric was a bit heavy duty so the glue didn't hold as well as i'd hoped, so I reinforced my closing with a few hidden stitches. 


Feel free to email or comment with questions about these quick pillow covers.
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