Saturday, May 4

Pinwheel Bouquet

I forgot to upload pictures a while ago of the Pinwheel Bouquet I made for my mom. Mama Barb is always sweet enough to give me a project when she knows I'm itching to make something :) 

She just needed something for a cute little table in our guest room so we decided on pinwheels after I had made some for my sister-in-laws baby-gender-reveal-party. 

I usually buy the majority of my craft supplies from Hobby Lobby. 
They're just around the corner and I love their selection. 

***These are directions for stand-still Pinwheels; they don't spin and are for decoration***
 If you want yours to spin follow the online directions below.

* A few different patterns of paper (double-sided preferred but not required)
* A solid color for the centers
* Decorative brads to hold them all together in the center 
* Little wooden dowels -  I cut them into different lengths
* Hot glue gun & glue sticks

These are the most basic instructions I could find online and it worked really well. 
(click image to enlarge)

The changes I made to the instructions above were:
#5: A dab of hot glue under each center tab to keep them permanently secure
- I then put a dab of hot glue under my center piece (picture below) to hold that secure
- Then stabbed a push pin through the center to make a hole so it was easier to shove the brad in through the layers
#7: Once you see your brad poke through the back, split and flatten it down to the back
#9: I hot glued the wooden dowel down the back of the pinwheel since pins were not going through the dowel and mine are not for spinning
- I also cut a strip of paper and glued that over the back of the pinwheel over the dowel stick so it would clean up the look a bit from the back.

This project can be as slow or fast as you make it. 
It just depends on your paper, the sizes, and quantity you decide to make. 
You get faster at it the more you make :) 

Feel free to email me with any additional questions about making a Pinwheel Bouquet!

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