Tuesday, May 14

Weddings & Anniversaries

This past weekend was crazy busy to say the least. 
But it was so much fun so the craziness was well worth it. 

Friday, was my sister-in-laws wedding! 
It was the most beautiful day; from the weather to the bride.
We got a lot of cute pictures but here are just a few. 
My new favorite of me and Tyson

Tyson's niece Alexis
Tyson's beautiful cousins Tiera & Tavia 
Pretty earrings for Bridesmaid gifts
The Bride & her Maids

The Banner I made her in this post 
 Love me some beautiful summer weddings! 
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Stroshine 

Literally right after the reception ended, Tyson and I drove to 
St. George for our Anniversary weekend trip. 

Tyson started work yesterday so we didn't do anything extravagant. 
We stayed the night at our place in St. George on Friday 
and then stayed in Vegas Saturday night. 

We went to the dinner-show Tournament of Kings at Excalibur. 
It was really a lot of fun! 
The food was a bit dry, but the entertainment was fun. 

We had to leave Vegas early Sunday morning in order to be on-time for 
Mother's Day dinner at Market Street with the fam. 

I didn't have the chance to get a picture of Ryan, Madison, & Addi; 
Addisyn is either about to start teething or is coming down with something 
so she was a bit fussy. 
But it was still a good time as always. 
My cute parents 
We look so tired lol 
It was such a fun weekend and I loved getting to see so much family! 

Today is mine and Tyson's 2 year anniversary!! 
Unfortunately, he's out working until late and I'm sitting here blogging and crafting lol. 
But, it's better than when we were apart last year while he was working in New York all summer. 

Tyson and I had a tough first year. As you can see in old posts, we were apart A LOT. 
Not only is it tough getting used to living with someone full-time, but add in a lot of distance and it makes communication tough and we went through a lot of ups and downs. 

But each year we grow closer and become stronger as a couple. 
Our second year was SO much better and I know it's only going to get even better. 
We are very opposite in a lot of ways, but we use that as opportunities to teach each other 
a little bit more patience and a little bit more structure, and in the end, it works out for both of us :)

 I love you sweetheart and can't wait for the many many years ahead! 

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